Bioclimatic Pergola

Bioclimatic Pergolas are aluminum outdoor structures equipped with orient able blades that can be rotated by remote control. The rotation of the blades creates an environment that is particularly comfortable in all seasons, as by changing their inclination you can control the sunlight and the degree of natural ventilation in the environment below, thereby adjusting the temperature.
This creates a custom micro climate to meet your needs, while with the blades fully closed the space below is protected from the weather. Our bio‑climatic pergola has combined this great practicality with its unmistakable sense of design and cutting‑edge technical solutions, creating an elegant mix of functionality and style.


The main configuration of our pergola is self‑supporting, but it is also possible to place the structure against the wall. With a cross‑ section of 100 x 100mm, the pillars were designed to accommodate both a downpipe that directs the drainage of water and side runners of screens. The pillars can also integrate electrical and USB sockets. The beams are also designed to incorporate runners for sliding glass doors and the retractable canvas of vertical closures, concealing any discontinuity from view. Indeed, the blades' controls are also situated on the inside of the beam to protect the mortised drive mechanism, maximizing aesthetics and practicality. The blades have been completely redesigned to mesh better with the simple continuity of the lines. In fact, they are flat, measure 25 x 170mm andcan accommodate dimming LED lights, perfectly centered with respect to the blade width

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