It’s critical to assess glazing options, including their size, orientation, early in the design process to make sure you choose the right window and glazing system. To improve your home’s insulation, reducing both your carbon footprint and your energy consumption. Maximum natural light Warmer house in winter, Cooler house in summer, In busy, urban environments, noise is constant. There is an increasing need to reduce unwanted noise from road traffic, trains and aircraft to create a more comfortable living environment, promote a healthier sleep, reduce stress, and improve concentration


Feeling safe and secure-Protecting against break-in glass

Toughened Glass

Heating and rapid cooling creates glass that looks like standard glass. If broken, however, toughened glass fractures into small particles, significantly reducing the risk of injury. It’s often used in low level glazing, internal and external glass doors

DGU Glass

  • Where energy efficiency and acoustics are both required, double-glazing can be used to reduce noise. The wider the space between the two sheets of glass, the greater the sound improvement
  • Dual-Pane windows consist of two panes of glass (optional Low-E), Argon gas, and a low-conductance spacer.
  • Triple-Pane windows feature three panes of glass, – creating a double-layer insulating barrier system.
  • Optionally Argon gas is sealed between glass panes. This odorless, non-toxic gas functions like an insulating blanket creating an extra layer of insulation to further improve thermal efficiency and dampen outside noise

Low E Glass

Low-E Coating for higher efficiency. Unlike traditional glass, the Low-E glass is coated with a microscopic layer of silver that reflects UV rays and harmful solar energy while permitting visible light to pass through the glass, providing more comfort and lower energy costs.

Tinted glass

Tints are produced by adding metal oxides during the manufacturing process, reducing glare from the bright outdoors and decreasing the amount of solar heat transmitted through the glass. The most commonly used tints are grey, bronze, green and blue, however a wider range of colors is available.

Laminated Glass

Featuring two panes of glass with an interlayer between them, laminated glass dampens more vibrations than single glazed glass. Even though laminated glass is constructed using two panes of glass, it’s virtually indistinguishable from ordinary glass. An acoustic laminate with a special sound dampening interlayer is also available, providing the sound dampening properties of much thicker glass. Laminated glass can be used for security, noise control land UV reduction. When subjected to impact, the interlayer means the glass remains intact and resists penetration. It will also stay in situ if broken


Acoustics-Natural light-energy efficient-Safety


Block eye view-Control glare-Control UV damage

Textured glass

  • The privacy range of glazing options allows for high level light transmittance, while obscuring the view from outside. Textured glass has a pattern or design impressed into the pane. It adds a decorative touch, obscuring images while allowing light to pass through.
  • Textured glass comes in a range of patterns. Ideal for bathrooms, bedrooms, front entry doors or any area you want to block from prying eyes.

Frosted glass

This style of glass has a frosted appearance and is produced by sandblasting or acid-etching clear sheet glass. By creating a marked surface on one side of the pane, the light is scattered and diffused. The effect is that it blurs images while still allowing light to pass through.

Smoked glass

Smoked glass is clear and therefore doesn’t obscure images, but its darkened colour ups the privacy factor.


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