Why Thermally broken Aluminum systems?

REVOLUTIONARY – Thermally broken technology built around a belief that beauty doesn’t have to compromise performance, FENESTRATION WORLD aluminum windows were created out of a desire to combine the desirability and durability of aluminum with unparalleled insulation. The unique, full width TECHNOFORM BEUTEC spacer is key to why Fenestration world windows are 25% more thermally efficient than traditional aluminum systems.

Strong and secure, windows come with multi-point locking, internal beading and are backed by a 10-year product guarantee - helping keep you and your home safe. Available as casement or tilt and turn windows, large foldable & patio doors are the perfect addition to any home.

Roto Sliding - Open up bigger horizons

Lift & Slide has everything you need to achieve this. It’s the hardware system designed for large Lift & Slide doors made with aluminum profiles. With is ability to support triple- glazed sashes, Roto Patio Lift is perfect for use on doors meeting energy saving and thermal insulation requirements.

The P520 sliding door system has a sash depth of 52mm and features a 15mm Technoform thermal break. The sash depth, the dual gasket seal on all 4 and the solid corner joints on sash and interlock provide strength and stability against high wind loads.

The P520 sytem allows the realisation of inline sliding and lift & slide doors within the same sub-system , with maximum sash weights ranging from 150kg for inline sliding to 300kg for lift & slide.

A replaceable PA track ensure smooth sash movement with low operation force & noise and provides the convenience to change the track if required.

Roto Door - Matching hardware technology “right round the door

The FT520 door system enables the creation of doors with high stability, thermal insulation and increased security. It is fundamental part of the FT520 system. Featuring thicker walls, this system is the perfect choice for realising high performing inward opening, outward opening, tilt & slide and folding doors.

A variety of ROTO hardware fits perfectly into the profile series including multipoint locking systems in order to meet every kind of locking demand.

Compatible for inward & outward opening door.

Specialised seal element for bottom corner of door.

Insertable sticker and bottom seal element

Roto AL - New lnnovations... Simply Beautiful. Extremely Robust

Tilt & Slide Door

Fold & Slide Door

Inward & Outward Opening Door

Roto AL Tilt & Slide- Comfortable. Easy to use

Sliding doors are easy to operate with Roto Tilt and slide mechanism. Precision technology ensures components are a perfect fit for each other. Quietness is a mark of quality. Feel the smoothness when you slide a door with Roto Tilt & slide Every part is precision made, and from the highest-grade materials. Stainless steel, zinc die cast and an ultra-high resistance PVC give the espagnolettes, bogie housings an unmatched level of quality.

Roto AL Fold & Slide Made for a longer life

Beautifully designed, fully reversible gear for top and bottom running track. Combined multi-use functionality and premium security. Smooth-running bogies ensures simple, quiet and convenient operation. Strong support bracket enables tall and heavy sashes. Powder coated hinges gives long lasting looks.

Roto AL Designo - Concealed hardware

TILT AND TURN windows can be tilted inwards for ventilation - helping keep your home aired and fresh, alternatively they can be swung inwards for cleaning, or for when the day is too glorious to be locked out. Roto AL Designo is the elegant completely concealed hardware for large and heavy aluminium windows. It meets the most stringent demands of planners and architects with regard to perfect appearance, functionality and ease of fabrication. Thanks to Euro-chamber profile System with Sash height up to 3000 mm is possible with weights up to 100kg/150 kg/180 kg


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