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Our philosophy is to have high quality, effective, contemporary systems that are aesthetically enhancing, unobtrusive and work with only minimal maintenance. Our know-how lies in custom made, retractable systems, sliding systems and motorized retractable system mainly for outdoor usage. They are finished products of the highest quality. Using our vast knowledge pool, expertise and unique resources, we will find the right solution and correct installation that fits your unique situation.By designing and manufacturing to recommending, installing and maintaining you will be sure you are getting the most beneficial system for your requirements. This is supported by our professional, personalised service before, during and after you receive your customised system.

Affordable systems, without compromise on performance and quality of the product.

Latest innovation of premium aluminium windows and door system in India at affordable price.

Unique features

For consumer

  • 60 mm wide section for frame and shutter.
  • 2 mm outer wall thickness.
  • Glued corner connector.
  • SS grade and glued corner connector for all visible parts of the corners.
  • First in industry Z mullion used for outside or inside glazing.
  • SS grade hardware.
  • Heavy duty friction hinges up to 50 kg per panel can be fitted.
  • Glass thickness up to 36 mm.
  • Chambers can be steel reinforced for additional strength.


Due to its sharp lining at ordinary or traditional aluminium systems the design looks very commercial. Without touching the 6.0 system, no one will be able to figure out if the display is showing an uPVC or wooden window. The complete design is following the look and feel of the traditional doors and windows.


We use complete uPVC hardware range for the aluminium windows. This initiative is considered as a milestone since the synergy of both systems uPVC and aluminium is helping to get the product to an unmatched level.

Performance of sliding windows

The sliding shutters can be fabricated before glass fixing for complete water tightness. This system further assures that the performance especially for all heavy glass units are going to perform like the lift and slide system. (That premium Lift and Slide systems are already fabricated the same way).

Lift and Slide

Fenesstration World brings affordable system with no compromise on performance and quality of the unit, “First time in the industry, we are offering a 4-track system in lift and slide. The moveable third track can be used for extra-large doors as a glass shutter, or for smaller units as inbuilt sliding mosquito sash.”

Casement openable windows

The system is designed in a way so that friction hinges can be used without compromise and easy cleaning of the shutters is possible. All friction hinges are getting fixed with machine screws for maximum tightness of the connection so that the safety of the heavy sashes will be assured.

Further the system has the provision of fixing security grills by the customer and is done during fabrication. The fixing of those grills can be done without steel frame. The grill bars or strips are fixed without visible screws.

Similar to uPVC or wood doors and window systems, Fenestration World is able to provide mosquito open able mesh shutters. This mesh shutters are multi-point locked and can be provided with:

  • USA fabric mesh [Twitchell]
  • SS 304 mesh [Silver/ Black]
  • Unbreakable security mesh.

Slide and folding solution

Fenestration World Windows and Doors introduced low threshold slide and fold system confirming with the water tightness. At the flooring, the system is as less as 12 mm (half inch) above the final floor level. The flooring cut-out has to be as less as 20 mm (less than 1 inch) as well. Its slide and fold systems are starting from 3 panels and can go up to 6 panels. Each panel can take the maximum weight of 80 kg and 900 mm in width. The height will be only limited due to the restriction of the overall weight of the shutter.

Entrance door system

With 60 mm wide section and the maximum glass thickness of 36 mm. The company is able to deliver doors shutters with up to 150 kgs per panel hinges that can be chosen according to weight, design and choice of the customer.

As uPVC hardware range is used, all doors are having a strong multi-point system and the heavy uPVC door handle system as well. The bottom of the shutter can be sealed on request with movable door seals. It means while closing the door a gasket automatically moves from the shutter towards the flooring. This assures a perfect sealing against dust and rainwater.

For the fabricator

It has been designed that within a minimal range of accessories (glazing beads, connector angles and hardware) all window combination can be fabricated. This keeps the inventory slim and the cost benefit can be given to its customer.

The system is further designed that the corner angles has to be elusively machine pressed. Due to this strong requirement, the company is assuring that any point of time the maximum strength of the unit is guaranteed without any possible compromise during fabrication.

Starting with profile range of around 30 different profiles, Fenestration World Windows and Doors are able to fabricate and supply all types of doors and windows.


Fenestration World highlights few areas where the system is designed and can be easily used.

  • The retro fittings (replacement market)
  • Villas and bungalows
  • High end residential projects
  • Windows with security requirement
  • Water tight window solution
  • Best performance for noise reduction.

Availability in the Indian market

Fenestration World aluminium windows and door system is going to conform to all the quality and performance norms. Any possible window design from anywhere at the world can be fabricated so that the international and local taste and choice of its customers can be fulfilled at any point of time.”

“A higher-end aluminium is replacing the low-end version of aluminium, and more technology has been added to the new product, with enhanced features that include an increase in lifespan, more safety, easier operation, new design options for larger openings, and energy saving due to much better sealing. With our unique systems this will be again seen as a pioneer of the segment, which has just started getting recognized, and which is going to scale up in future”

Fenestration World has launched its innovative series, a high-end aluminium window system fabricated in India to match the expected market price of the already available aluminum system. For the first time in India, Fenestration World is successfully using the uPVC hardware range for Fenestration World aluminium windows, which have a multi–point locking system and guarantee 100% sealing.

The new product development is considered a milestone, since the synergy of both the systems, that is, uPVC and aluminium, is taking the product to an unmatched level. All hardware and glazing systems can be used, just as in uPVC and aluminium.

Casement Highlights

  • 60 mm wide section for frame and shutter
  • 2 mm outer wall thickness
  • Glued corner connector
  • Corner connector’s machinery presses to join the profiles and connector
  • SS grade and glued corner angles connector for all outer corners
  • First in industry-Z mullion used for outside/ inside glazing
  • SS premium grade hardware

Additional Design Options

  • uPVC premium hardware range can be used
  • Heavy-duty friction hinges upto 50 kg per panel can be fitted
  • Chambers can be steel reinforced for additional strength of hardware
  • Glass thickness up to 36 mm.