Balcony Glazings

We believe that a balcony will always have its own rules and characteristics, advantages and disadvantages. Once we understand this, the possibilities are endless; the balcony becomes a new opportunity, and its potential is only limited by the boundaries of our imagination and our desire to explore new everyday opportunities.


  • With our glass curtains, you will get the maximum use to your terrace, patio or balcony.... regardless of the weather outside.
  • Range of glass curtains, can be made to measure for any terrace, patio or balconies, whatever be its geometry.
  • Balcony glass units are easy to clean safely from inside without a need to reach out from the balcony.
  • Safety glass and the option of locking the balcony provide additional security.
  • A closed balcony is a safe place for children to play. They can still enjoy the outdoors and get stimulated by their environment safely.
  • Our balcony enclosures reduce noise levels by 50%, so you can relax inside your home and sleep more comfortably.
  • Balcony glass saves energy it reduces your overall energy consumption significantly.
  • Ideal solution for any bar or restaurant terrace, turning a cold area into a classy well design spaces

Designs With Endless Possibilities


We offer sales, installation & services of door's & windows, internal doors & balcony glazings with our experience team of designers, engineers and industry experts.


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